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Lasership allegedly delivered a package to me on January 2, 2018 at 2:08PM. I was home at the time of delivery.

No one rang the bell to my apartment. No one rang the building super either. After checking the package tracking system and seeing that the status said "delivered - left at front door 2:08pm" I checked the building lobby and the front door at 3:00pm and again at 6:15pm - no package was found. I looked again the next day - no package was found.

I contacted Lasership via the tracking system "contact us" section and have not received a reply. I contacted Zara via "live chat" and the representative took my information, said it would take about 3-5 days to investigate and after "investigating" they would phone me with their decision to either do nothing or to refund my purchase. If a shipping company chooses to leave a package outside of a locked apartment building in Brooklyn, NY, I feel that the liability for the package going missing should be on them, not the customer. That is, if, in fact, they actually delivered anything.

I do not have faith that Lasership actually attempted to deliver anything to me (after reading several of the 100's of negative reviews about Lasership online I feel very disappointed - had I known that Zara would ship my package by Lasership I wouldn't have bothered ordering from them. I have approximately 5-7 packages delivered every month by UPS and USPS and they always deliver and if they cannot get into the building they leave a note letting me know that they will make another attempt or I can go pick up the package myself. I have had only one other experience with Lasership. More than a year ago, I ordered something small from Amazon.

They shipped via Lasership. Same story, Lasership said they delivered, I didn't receive a package and never heard anything from Lasership.

Amazon chose to refund my purchase and told me that they were grateful for the feedback about the package carrier. I'm still waiting to hear back from Zara.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lasership Delivery Service.

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Lasership lost my package but marked my package as delivered. I contacted Amazon, who gave me a refund, and I re-ordered the items.

AGAIN shipped by Lasership, SURPRISE! Marked as delivered and no package.

Lasership is a FRAUD. How is Amazon still doing business with them?


Same here, package never delivered and had to keep bugging zara in order to get my refund back. Never order online from them.Now i just ordered things from amazon and two of my packages are missing again because of Lasership. Seriously they need to shut down their business.


Same problem here. Lasership said they delivered on Feb 5th, never received anything.

I was at home. Contacted Zara and Lasership.

Lasership said they will investigate for 2 days if my package was not delivered within 2 days than to contact Zara. I will be checking back with Zara soon.


Same issue here with Zara. I was home and no package showed up.

Zara investigation is smoke, they claim all is fine (e.g. my address was correct), no refund or reshipment offered!

I disputed that but in the meantime most items I ordered have sold out. Don't buy online at Zara.


Same here. My house is private house.

Lasership's tracking shows it was delivered on last night at 6:38pm left at the front door, I got home around 6:50pm, I found no box at my front door. I contacted Zara this morning, they said they will investigate it. Lets see what they can find. I had two packages ordered from Sephora.com shipped by Lasership also got lost on last month.

Same situation: delivered at the front porch.

No boxes were found ever. So basically their driver is stealing the package or the company is stealing the packages, they just marked them as delivered and resell the goods.

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