Lasershit.... Ordered a from Amazon..

Part was to be delivered on a Friday(11th). Tracked it, and what do you know, it was delivered that Thursday! (according to Laserships site). But wait, it was delivered to "Dock (Office)" well thats weird, I live in a gated community, and there is no "dock", and the office doesn't accept packages for residents, we do have a central mail box location...but its only for USPS.

AND it was signed for, with an unintelligible signature.. which of course wouldn't be the case since NO ONE WAS HOME AT THE STATED TIME OF DELIVERY! unless of course it was stolen (possible but HIGHLY unlikely as it is a gated community) Day 1: Called Lazyship, in the *** for 1 1/2 hours, couldn't wait any longer, Day 2: Called , explained the situation, 1st response was well did you called your office? had to explain to her that it should have been delivered to my door, and the office doesn't accept packages.

"Oh well its been delivered and signed for and bla bla bla" Like she saw something on her end that I couldn't. It was the same *** they had on their tracking site. so eventually she says let me call the distribution center (probably somebody's house). So I wait a few minutes, she gets back on the "distribution center is closed" can I call back tomorrow.

Really? you want ME to call YOU about a package you were supposed to have delivered and now is unaccounted for? I was like...OK, even though most delivery companies would at this point be proactive with that... I'll do ya a solid.

In the mean time...just in case I contacted any "office" in my development that could possibly have the package (there are 3 potential candidates) Nothing. Day 3: Called. Spoke with Rep, who read over the notes. Put me on hold why she contacted, you guessed it, the distribution center!

10 minutes later she says well we cant contact the individual that delivered it, so we'll have to put it under "24 hour investigation" (seems i've read that here before) AND I need to call back in 24 hours. I was like Oh, yeah, let me jump on that! but I figured ok, let me see just how far this goes. Day 4: 28 hours after the alleged "24 hour investigation" took place.

Woman gets on the phone, give her my tracking #, and she says this is under 24 hour investigation. so I explain to her that it had already been 28 hours...thats 4 more hours than 24 (wtf?! maybe they should have told me it would be a 188 hour investigation?) So she comes back with well Im sorry but we don't have an update at this time you'll need to call back tomorrow. Its now Tuesday of the next week.

I said no, you need to call me. she immediately agreed, and rattled off my phone number..which I had never given them over the phone. Hmmm so they had my #.. yet when I initiated an inquiry I was told to call them back.

I had already had enough after the whole 24/28 hour thing, so after I hung up with them, I hopped on Amazons site, which has a link enabling me to order a replacement free of charge, when packages aren't received. Interestingly, they call it a "request" which tells me that they may scrutinize the order for legitimacy. But within about 3 minutes I received an email stating that the replacement was on the way..be there by Friday (the 18th)...and will be shipped by UPS. Hmm.

Wonder why. and from Lasercrisp.. no call, no package.

So to Amazon (if you read these) Kudos for giving me a very simple resolution to the problem, and stepping up, but guys, Lasership sucks, I think there's enough evidence here and all over the 'net. They are costing you customers, and you know what that means...$$$

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