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OK, I finally decided the kind of phone I wanted and so I ordered it on line. It was scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, February 23. When I got home the phone had not been delivered. I check the tracking information and it said it was delivered on 2/23 at 5:54 p.m.! It was not there. I waited until the next day thinking that it was an error. Late Thursday afternoon I contacted company I ordered it from and they promptly refunded my money; I was not able to get the same deal for the phone, it was a one-of-a-kind offer.

The more I thought about it the more concerned I got. Just where was the phone? I contacted the shipper, LASERSHIP and this is where the real “fun” begins; LASERSHIP is a regional parcel carrier facilitating last mile delivery to east coast markets from Miami to Maine! Their corporate offices are located in Vienna, VA.

I wrote an email to LASERSHIP and followed it up with a phone call. I told the customer rep the situation and they opened an investigation. (I should mention that my husband was home all day working in the garage with the door open; we also have 24hr. security cameras with video that encompasses the house as well as the street and down the street directly in front of our house. My husband checked the video for the entire Wednesday, 2/23, and no item was delivered to our house.) I called LASERSHIP again the next day and was told that the driver hadn’t updated his route! This was 2 days after the intended delivery date.

Today, Monday 2/29, I called LASERSHIP again (since I still had not heard anything on the “investigation”) and was told that the investigation was closed; the GPS indicated it was delivered! Even knowing that I had video to show they did not make the delivery; it made no difference. Case closed; and I don’t have my phone!

So . . . . . I want all my FB friends to be aware; when ordering on-line they may use LASERSHIP be careful. Apparently LASERSHIP is not a very reliable company and will not go out of its way to check out a customer complaint. Terrible company, poor customer service. I have security video of the entire day and the item was NEVER delivered to my house. This is not over yet!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. lindalagoon stated that there is a room for improvement of poor and driver lied. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problem with delivery of lasership delivery service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $320. Lasership needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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